I’m alleviating my back pain problems with inversion!

Inversion Tables are awesome, and you know why?

They are a non-intrusive way of combating back pain and back related problems without any possible side-effects. Forget surgery – because that’s dangerous and risky. Inversion Tables are simple devices that actually promote good health.

I’ve been using an Inversion Table now for around 1-month and noticed some great positive advantages. I’d like to thank the Inversion Table Expert, ( www.inversiontableexpert.com ) for their contribution in helping me to find a great Inversion Table!

You see, an Inversion Table is a simple way to relax your spine and provide some much needed rejuvenation throughout the body. You simply hand upside down for around 15-minutes, and come out feeling complete.

It’s sort of sensual and spiritual in a way, but you do feel a lot better after a quick session on an Inversion Table.

With dozens of different Inversion Tables to choose from, it’s hard to choose a good model – but I was happy to settle for a Teeter model as they have consistently received positive recognition from the online community.

After using an Inversion Table for around 3-months, I have noticed a great reduction in the amount of sciatica pain. Inversion Therapy Tables also supposedly help with lifelong issues such as lower back pain, but I have never experienced any as of yet to try it!

For me, an Inversion Table is now part of my daily exercise routine.

I wake up, and I use my Inversion Table.

I go to sleep, and I use my Inversion Table.

It’s perhaps the most important part of my day – and not because it cures my back pain.

But, because it makes me feel ALIVE, WELL and HAPPY!

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